Flat hot plates are flat steel products obtained by milling the substance or rectangular slab produced from scrap at approximately 800 degrees.

    Steel Roll: Products with thicknesses ranging between 1.20-25.00 mm in general.

    Sheet Metal: Products with thicknesses ranging between 6.00 - 200.00 mm and widths between 1000-3600 mm.

Application Areas

  • In manufacturing of automotive, trucks, tractors, ships, trains, wagons, and containers
  • In energy transmission lines, power plants
  • In hydroelectric, thermic, solar and wind power plants
  • In cement production facilities; in piping, machinery equipment, and cement silos
  • In production of agricultural machinery, tractor manufacturing, in agricultural machinery spare parts, agricultural silos
  • In water, petrol and gas transmission lines, dams, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, road barriers, harbors, cranes, and on vehicle equipment
  • In heat boiler, steam boiler and pressure boiler manufacturing,
  • In construction casts; scaffolding production, concrete transportation and mixing devices, concrete production facilities,
  • In asphalt production facilities; in asphalt bunker and plants, asphalt production devices
  • In steel structures; building, depot, shopping mall, factory, and viaduct construction
  • In animal facilities; stable, coop, milking parlor, hayloft, feed storage, feed silos